Badass Film Tour – Day 3: ABQ to Denver

July 16, 2010

2:22 PM
On the way out of ABQ, We witnessed a crack deal go down under the Paul Bunyan statue that stands atop the Vietnamese Food restaurant.

Drove to Denver.

Met up with Chad’s family friend, Choppie.  She is awesome.  We’re crashing at her house tonight.  Sweet.

We went from Albuquerque to Denver today. In Denver, we will be staying with Choppie Pikas, one of my mom’s best friends, and mine too for that matter. Her daughter, Heather, is my oldest friend. Heather did a stint at the New Mexico Military Institute, which I have captured on film here back when we were in Roswell:

For those of you not familiar with Choppie, here’s a clip of her battling against an electric ice cream maker. Watch along to see how long it takes for her to call the machine a “cocksucker”.

INSERT CLIP: D04_c_chop25

Press from Denver:

Boulder Weekly:

Mile High Gay Guy:

Here’s some other press:

Celeb Stoner:

Vice Magazine:

Tacoma Weekly:

Current TV:

from Phoenix:

Bad Lit:

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