Badass Film Tour – Day 6: Salt Lake City

Day 6:  July 19, 2010

12:01 PM
Woke up in the huge-ass bedroom in this killer mountain mansion.  That was a fine night’s rest.

10:39 PM
The Salt City Derby Girls came out and supported.  The Hell screening went pretty well.  About 35 folks came out.   But considering that I didn’t find any press about the screening, that ain’t that bad.  I sold $35 worth of merch.  That might cover the gas it cost to get here.  Maybe not…

I’m sitting in the back row of the Total Badass screening right now.  There are about a dozen folks here for Badass.  Most, if not all, are friends with Tyler (thanks, Tyler!).  So far, the turnout of 60 folks in Albuquerque has been the biggest draw (about 23 in Denver).  I’m hoping that we’re building momentum.  I’m hoping that we’ll have better crowds as the tour progresses.  We’ll see.   I’ve been to dozens and dozens of screening of my films (if not hundreds), and I know how it goes: one day there’s only one person and the next day there’s a packed house… then back to one… etc.  Usually, there is a smattering of folks.  Feast or famine.  Ebb and flow.  Etc.  It’s rough when no one comes out.  It’ll be nice when we hit that big crowd and get a shot of energy.  But, I’m pretty happy to see that the films are well received.  Lots of laughs for Badass.  And I’m managing to sell enough merch to keep us teetering on the line between being in the red and being in the black.

Gotta go do a Q&A for the dirty dozen who came out for Badass.  More soon.

11:16 PM
So we had 35 tix sold for Hell and 15 tix for Badass.  50 people came out on a Monday in Salt Lake City to watch a couple of docs.  It ain’t that bad.  And the dude at the box office gave me a free beer!

2:22 AM
Hung out with the kids from “Sons of Perdition” and the son of the guy who owns the huge mountain home we slept in.  They were all cool as fuck.  Had some beers and cashed in early.  I uploaded the vid clips to YouTube and will attempt to embed them in the blog today.

I also booked a Sacramento screening of Hell on Wheels.  We’ll be screening w/ the Sac City Rollers on midnight, Friday, Aug 6 at the Mystic Cinema.  I’ll update the tour page, create Facebook page, poster ect. tomorrow.  We have a day off tomorrow!

Sleep now.

More press:

The Horn Magazine from the University of Texas:

Here’s some Denver press we just found:

Some Boise press for our next screening:

Got a big-ass recommended from Boise Weekly:

Links to the Boise Facebook event (go RSVP!):

Did y’all see this badass interview in VICE?:

Help us spread the word!!! We have more screenings coming up and could use your help w/ promo:

After Boise is Vancouver:

Hell on Wheels:

Total Badass:

Help spread the word!  Thanks!!!

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