Badass Film Tour – Day 11: Vancouver to Bellingham and some Seattle

July 24, 2010


Hey Vancouver, you are beautiful.  I like you quite a bit.  However, considering that on my last visit, nine years ago, my truck was burglarized by junkies and the window smashed (resulting in me driving all over town in the rain and getting a Canadian widow in my Japanese truck… fucking Frankenstein truck now, Canada) and this time I got a parking ticket for parking in a lot that had not fucking sign saying that you had to pay.  No sign, no numbered parking spaces.  Nothing.  And now you insist on forty bucks?  Fuck you.

Here are some more vids and pics of my time in Vancouver:

They have brass balls in Vancouver, but no sex:

Other than that, I had a fucking blast.  Oh yeah, Vancouver, your hotels are expensive as shit.

Driving back to the US of A.  We’ll see what kinda harassment we get from the border crossing heading home.  I did remove the “Tips, Gas Money & Drugs” sign from the merch case. See, I can still learn.

Just made it back into America.  America, Fuck Yeah!  That was a cake-walk.

The Bellingham screening was pretty fun. Nice town too.  The turnout was healthy and the Q&A snappy. Back to Seattle to crash now. Thanks to the Bellingham Roller Betties for their help with this one.  It was smooth and a nice welcome back to the USA for me.

Went to see The Mariners vs. The Red Sox today, fuck yeah. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me, because there are a lot of sports haters up here. In fact, take a look at this public art plastered up as you walk into Safeco Field:

Safeco Field was nice, though. Check it out if you like:

You may be wondering how I’m surviving up here, having been abandoned by Bob for a week. It’s been simple, really. I’m staying at someone’s house and eating food that people leave laying around the city.

Here I am eating a forsaken grilled cheese sandwich at Hattie’s Hat and then dining on leftover seafood at Safeco Field in two subsequent videos:

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