Badass Film Tour – Day 19: Salem to Eugene, OR

August 1, 2010

10:15 AM

We woke up in Salem, and Sally had made us this great breakfast… Eggs, sausage, cantaloupe, and these badass fucking cinnamon rolls. Turns out we spent the night on a farm. We drove into town and Sally showed us the capitol. Then we had to head out to Eugene. Here’s the capitol in Salem, Oregon in case you were wondering:

10:19 AM

Woke up in the Oregon countryside.  Enjoy:

12:41 AM
Went to the Oregon capitol building:

2:33 PM

The drive to Eugene was short and uneventful.  Which was nice.

7:00 PM

The theatre we played at in Eugene was called the David Minor Theatre. This is a great opportunity to go back and post video from when we were partying in Denver with David Minor, Carmen Hinjosa and her sister-in-laws, not to mention Katherine Hargrave and Beth Edminston:

While I’m at it, here is the video of Bob’s introduction and question and answer section for the Eugene showing of Hell on wheels:

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention we went to a place called The Jackalope. It’s the second one we’ve seen, we drove by one in Salt Lake City, too. Here is video proof that will double as a commercial for our sponsors, The Jackalope and Cupacabra back in Austin….

Also, thanks a lot to Blue Ruin of Emerald City Roller Girls for the place to stay! I kind of did laundry after you were already asleep, and didn’t want to wake you up to ask. Hope that wasn’t out of line….

8:02 PM

There’s some fuzzy math afoot in Eugene.  See if you can follow it:
So, it turns out that I made a bad deal.  The cinema was hesitant to book us, so we agreed to have the first money that comes through the door go to the theater until they reach what would have been their rental price.  Which was $300.  Anything beyond $300 was to be divvied up between the cinema and me.  When I arrived, dude at the box office informed me that he forgot what the ticket price was supposed to be and just went with five bucks.  Which was fine with me.  But then I learned that the cinema seats 50 people and even if we sold every ticket, we would never be able to bring in even the $300 rental.  Let alone, go beyond that and get a bit of the scratch coming my way.  Best case for us was packing the house and earning $250 for the theater. We never had a chance of breaking the $300 dollar mark.  So I didn’t see a single cent from the gig.  I did managed to sell $65 worth of merch and we did find a couch to sleep on.  So all is not lost.

Having just left the Seattle area after swirling around it for ten days, there’s a tad of re-adjusting the life on the road.  There are some keys to survival.  The main one being, get what you can when you can get it.  This is vital for beer stops (and will keep you juiced when in a dry county or a low-alcohol content state like Utah).  We always keep a cooler full of brews in tow.  But the rule is good for many things: showers, gas, sex, pills, weed, couches/beds and other forms of hospitality, food, and general debauchery.  Forget looking down the pike for another go at it, if it presents itself, grab it, embrace it and ride it!  The oasis on the horizon might be a mirage.

Help us spread the word!!! We have more screenings coming up and could use your help w/ promo:

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