Badass Film Tour – Day 20: Chico’s drive-by screening and on to Berkeley

August 2, 2010

10:39 AM

Spent the night at a local derby gal, Blue Ruin’s pad.  A mostly uneventful eve that was helped along with beer and Xanax.  This morn, it was basically wake up, drive:

2:44 PM

Enter California:

3:15 PM

We finally got to California today… Chico is our first stop. Was our first stop? I’m having trouble with the time-space continuum here. What I do know is before we ever left, I made it very clear to Bob that he had to show the Total Badass trailer before every showing of Hell on Wheels, even in cities where only Hell on Wheels was playing. I told him how it was important to get word out to these people, they might end up buying a DVD, isn’t that the whole point of the tour and so on. I was giving him all these practical reasons to show it, but obviously the point is that there are going to be girls at these fucking showings, and I want to make it perfectly clear to all of them that I’ve been in a movie. Then, at least the way I saw it in my mind before the tour started, girls would be fucking me in the actual theatre and shit. Well, we roll into El Cerrito and they are showing Hell on Wheels at a roller rink, and there are a shitload of kids there. Problem is, there were a lot of girls there too, so I had to lean on Bob and insist that he still show the trailer, regardless. Here’s the whole thing on film:


3:33 PM

Gas/porn stop:

4:11 PM

More drive:

4:49 PM

Stopped to call the Vancouver fuckers who wrote me a ticket and contest that unjust citation!  It turns out that I need to submit the appeal in writing. Fuckers.  Saw some spider web in a tree:

This is exciting stuff, huh?

7:15 PM

Made it to Cal Skate to screen at a skating rink with the Nor Cal Roller Girls.

12:44 AM

No luck for a crash-pad.  So we decided to drive another 3+ hours to Berkeley. The screening was pretty fun. I blame the acoustics in the skate rink as the reason my charming pleas for a couch to sleep on went unanswered.

Having driven about 4,600 miles so far, I’ve yet to kill anything of substance.  So I nearly killed a Jackalope trying to dart across a podunk highway south of Chico.  No footage of that. But I scared the shit out of him!

1:30 AM

We met up with our old Austin pal, Cliff. Here’s his gecko and the cool tile in his bathroom:

2:20 AM

Oddly enough, we didn’t find a place to stay in Chico after everything was said and done. We jumped on the option of driving straight through to Berkeley and staying with Cliff Lipinski. We got to his place kind of late and you can see some video of him below. It was kind of late and we were pretty tired. He was telling us he grows weed or some shit and I was taking it all with a grain of salt.

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