Badass Film Tour – Day 22: San Franspastic

August 4, 2010

1:00 PM

Feel free to begin today the same way we ended the last one, with a trip through “The Tube”. I believe there’s some Celtic Frost playing in the background. Or, you could skip the clip. What I really wanted to do was take the opportunity to share something with you. Sometimes, when I shit, it looks like a little pile of sticks in the bottom of the toilet, all stacked up neatly. Whenever this happens, I think about how the definition of a “faggot” is a bundle of sticks, and I say to myself, “That’s a faggot of turds.” Think of me next time this happens to you, and you see a faggot of turds.

2:53 PM

Drove into SF today:

6:52 PM

Down with Prop 8!  Now Andy can marry his gay dog!

9:00 PM

Screening of Total Badass was a hoot.

11:24 PM

Great crowd for Hell on Wheels.  Kick ass Q&A.  Thanks to Chesty Gillespie and the Bay Area Derby Girls.
I took a stroll around the Mission.  It’s a bit of a shit hole.  I saw some paintings and a missing loved one poster:


The showing at The Roxie was fun. Cary Stiebel and Samir Shah were there. We had successfully met up with Derek Palisoul as well, so it was like old college days revisited. Then, tragedy struck. Pretty much all of us had girls with us, or at least the single guys did. Then, at the bar after the screening, everyone started trying to fuck everybody else. Brother turned on brother, couples imploded and began chasing their own separate destinies, and all gender roles were abandoned. In all the confusion, Cary and Samir spilt before I could get any footage of them for the journal, and it has left a whole in my heart. I’m now requesting through the blog that Cary and Samir record video greetings from themselves and email them to me. Thanks, guys. Until I receive said videos, here is some footage of an abnormally large group of pigeons in lieu of Cary and Samir. Saaaaaaaaaa-mir….

2:12 AM

Got drunk and smoked the shit out of “medicine” (read: weed and hash).  At this point, I’m healed from whatever it was that ailed me and required weed for curing.  Now I’m just dosing up to build up a huge-ass immunity to whatever weed heals.  Preventative medicine, eh?  And I drank some beer (for the antioxidants and shit). Derrick got the hiccups:

There’s a cool interview in MovieMaker Magazine, check it out:

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