Badass Film Tour – Day 26: SF to L.A., the big trip down

August 8, 2010

11:41 PM

Hey, ya know what?  It’s a lot easier to take a bunch of pics and only write a little, as opposed to the other way around. Also, I was high out of my mind for the last few days. So… something.

We said our see-ya-laters to Derick and Cate and S.F.

11:45 PM

Goodbye, San Francisco! You were a wonderful city. Oh, and could you mail me my dick? I think I left it sitting on the night stand at the hotel… Thanks

5:19 PM

Here is some footage of the scenery along The Pacific Coast Highway. You know the one …

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the people whom I begged for money before leaving town. These include John from Elysium/Valhalla, Jason from Jackalope/Chupacabra, Nordstrom from Club Deville, Steve from Headhunters and Dave from Trophy’s. I didn’t actually get any ad money from Dave, I just sort of took 50 bucks off of the 250 that I owe him. That’s right, I took money from a dying man. Also, I got some help from my friends at Affordable Sound and my sister gave me a hundred bucks, re-establishing the inter-family pecking order more to her liking. Talk to y’all soon. CHAD

6:34 PM

We took the scenic rout, a.k.a. the Pacific Coast highway.  Snap, snap.

11:45 PM

That disgustingly beautiful ride took 11 fucking hours.  But, we made it to L.A. and met up with my filmmaker pals Jesse Blanco and Laura Lance.

Thanks to Jesse and Laura for letting us crash in their bad-ass pad tonight and the next several nights.

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