Badass Film Tour 2 – Day 14: DC, Washington, DC

November 23, 2010

12:21 PM – BOB
Chad fucked up the IFC meeting, so I ditched him in NYC and headed to Washington D.C. for our screening at the White House.

1:34 PM – CHAD
I took a bus down to Washington D.C. from New York for our screening. The bus ride down was the first time I got any real sleep on the entire trip. All other forms of rest up until this point have been more of a comatose state from partying too much. There is a big difference between actually falling asleep on your own terms and simply passing out because your brain no longer works. That being said, I don’t have much to report about the trip down.

4:51 PM – BOB
Today was a pretty routine day on tour.  See:

Bob – Carousel

This is the first street bandage I’ve found on this tour.  On the last tour, I came across four of these.

5:17 PM – CHAD
Before I left New York, I looked at google maps to give myself a general idea of how to get from the bus stop to the movie theatre we are at tonight. It ended up being about an hour walk, most of it along feeder roads and industrial areas, but at least I got to check out Arlington. When the bus was pulling into town, I saw Marine One, the presidential helicopter take off and fly right over us. I would be posting you video of this, but I’m afraid I lose my video camera a couple days later in New York City, along with the videos stored on it. This was the same camera I used to shoot all of the hand held scenes in Total Badass, as well as everything on our West Coast tour last summer. It’s gone now. Here is a haunting video, one of the last ones taken on said model:

10:12 PM – BOB
The screening went pretty well.  The DC Rollergirls were out in force:

To my surprise, Chad somehow made the trek from NYC to DC for the screening.

Q&A w/Bob and Chad

I saw Chad outside chatting it up with a drunk woman who was noting that the audience was kinda thin.  “But it’s a documentary… I mean, it’s a Tuesday and all… but it’s a documentary… who watches documentaries at the theater? And on a Tuesday?”

10:30 – CHAD
I remember this was a Tuesday, because the theatre had burgers for about two or three dollars and really cheap beer. There was a little bar and grill in the front of the theatre. You could say it was a theatre/bar/grill. Brazoswood High School’s own Rita Rahm Barr was there, with her husband Brian. They’re the ones who turned me on to the cheap burgers and beer. After the movie, Dan Driskill kept the high school reunion going with an appearance of his own. He and I went out for a little bit after the movie, but I wasn’t much use to him. I actually remember thinking that at one point. We had gone to a bar and Dan was in the bathroom, I was fading in and out of consciousness, thinking “I’m not really much use to him, right now.” I just didn’t feel like I was being good company, but who knows? Turns out, Dan’s brother runs a hotel right down in the middle of all the shit in Washington D.C., only a couple blocks down from the White House. I got totally hooked up.

2:14 AM – BOB
After the screening I bolted back to NYC. We’ll see if Chad can catch back up.  I’m heading out to Long Island tomorrow night, so I guess I’ll see Chad again on Friday when we screen at The Tank in Manhattan.

Balt Tunnel Toll

Drive Into NJ

Have I mentioned yet that it costs over $32 to drive from NYC to DC?  And, you guessed it, 32 and change to drive back.  Fucking toll roads.

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