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Badass Film Tour 2 – Day 5: the Mobile breakdown

November 14, 2010

11:54 AM – BOB:
I woke up in a girl’s room.  Not the good kind of waking up in a girl’s room.  You know the kind: you wake up, disoriented and dry-mouthed, wonder where you are and who the sexy gal next to you is. It wasn’t that kind of wake up in a girl’s room kinda morning.  This was the “there is a pile of diapers next to my face” and the “this room is a fucking baby’s room” kind of wake up in a girl’s room kinda morning. The little girl in question wasn’t home.  Her mother, and our hostess for the night, is in some sort of bitter divorce and decided that bringing home two sexy Texans was the perfect way to gain the upper hand in said divorce.  So, out of the kindness of her heart, she let us crash at her pad.

The next morn I went to piss and, upon exiting the bathroom, I was assailed by paparazzo. Our hostess thrust a vid cam in my face asking me to testify that I had not had sex with her.  I scratched my balls, sniffed my fingers and confirmed that we had not.  Glad that’s officially on the record.  We did have to sneak out when no neighbors were watching, so maybe she had second thoughts about the whole ordeal.

1:30 PM – CHAD:
So, we headed out of Mobile today and took off for Panama City Beach for a layover on the way to Jacksonville. I can’t emphasize how much fun we had in Mobile last night, so I have put together a little video montage for you here that I feel captures all of the sights, sounds and excitement of the city:

Seriously though, we had a great fucking time in Mobile… definitely one of the all time great nights of either tour.

7:45 PM – CHAD:
Well, my buddy Woody Woodard from Brazoria County had his 20 year high school reunion back in Texas this weekend, so by the time we got to Panama City Beach, he was worn out from that and had to work in the morning, having just flown in. We didn’t get to party with him, but I’ll catch you next time, Wood. We did, however, get to hook-up with Austin expatriate, David Doss, who has moved back out to Florida. We went to a couple of local bars and pretty much called it an early night.