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Badass Film Tour – Day 15: Snooze and Stormtroopers in Seattle and Chad in Portland

July 28, 2010


Day off!!!  I slept in.  Woke up and had some Phở.  Took a nap.  Milled about. Took some pics.  Dig ‘em:

Gum walls…

Day two in Portland, and I got to meet Rebstock’s beer drinking club, PCDC. This is The Portland Connoisseur’s Drinking Club and the cool thing about them is they also serve as sort of a little support group/ animal handler for Rebstock in addition to being his drinking buddies. No, but seriously, they were all kind of young and everyone is obviously taken aback by Reb’s style of play. There’s some serious fucking Stockholm Syndrome going on at these meetings. Great time, though. And they drink a lot of beer.

We met up again with PJ and Drenick later. Here are all three of them including Rebstock, in his first video that has been fit for public viewing:

Things only got progressively better as the night wore on…

Badass Film Tour – Day 14: from Victoria to the docks of Tacoma and Chad vs Portland

July 27, 2010

10:01 AM

What looked to be a pain in my ass turned out to be kinda sweet.  Victoria is a damn-perty place.  Dig these pics and vids of my walk back to the boat:

1:26 PM

Back on the vomit torpedo.  The Captain warned the passengers this time “pop a pill or puke it up people, rough seas ahead.”  Most folks took the dose.  At 25 cents a pop, it’s a wise bet.  And the stank of puke is not assailing my nostrils.  We just hit a thick patch of fog and the horn is a’blasting. Assuming we don’t capsize and get gobbled up by orcas, I’ll be back in Seattle and loving land in a few hours.

It’s weird to be moving and not in the wheelhouse, controlling the vessel.  But it does allow me time to catch up on the tour journal, email and the like. So that is nice.

Never fear, Ill be rocketing across the highway soon. It’s a short jaunt down to Tacoma for a screening at the Grand with the Dockyard Derby Dames.  We got some good press for this one.  Both the Tacoma Weekly and the Weekly Volcano gave us some love:

Tacoma Weekly

Weekly Volcano

Monster thanks to Amanda and Stephan at the Victoria Event Centre, all the gals from the Eves of Destruction Roller Derby, Dominick from the Victoria International Film Festival and a super-big thanks to Kelly for her super-sweet hospitality.  She is fucking awesome!

Cash-wise, it worked out with a few bucks to spare. All in all, I escaped with a profit of about 12 bucks, Canadian.  I recouped almost all of my travel expenses with ticket sales and moved a few posters and DVDs to put myself in the black.  Not too shabby.  And I didn’t even get fist-fucked by customs this time.  What a treat!

It was day one in Portland, and I’ve been hanging out with old friends. Sit back and relax as Austin’s own PJ of PJ and the Bear fame serenades you from the sunflowers. Matt Drenick was there, too:

Other than that, I hung out with Rebstock a lot. I’d love to share stories and video of this occasion, but it has been seriously fucking recommended to me that I don’t. You probably think, “Oh, that’s just Chad doing his silly act…” don’t you? Trust me; I saw some fucked up shit….

11:47 PM

Holy shit, the Tacoma screening was badass.  The theater was packed.  I got there an hour late.  I thought the bugger started at 8:00, but when I arrived, I realized that the screening was already in progress.  But it worked out great.  I strolled in during the credits and Rocky Hardplace from the Dockyard Derby Dames helped me with the Q&A.  Rocky is a total badass.  We chugged beer after. Good times were had.

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Badass Film Tour – Day 12: Port Orchard and more Seattle

July 25, 2010


I drove around Seattle a bit before hitting the road to Port Orchard.

Dear Seattle, what the fuck kind of drugs was your city planner on when the streets were laid out?  I mean, I like a puzzle as much as the next sucker, but god damn, did Frank Gehry throw some spaghetti on the floor, draw a map of it and then you proceeded to pave the town in its likeness?

It’s my last night in Seattle until the show next Friday, as tomorrow I board a bus to go down to Portland and hang out with friends there. But first, here’s Brandon showing Heidi and I around his shop, The Palm Room.

Watch below for additional hot vid of Brandon in action:

11:01 PM

The drive to Port Orchard was nice.  The screening was pretty sweet too.  The Slaughter County Roller Vixens are awesome.  And some local derby Brats came out as well.  Port Orchard has a cool little park on the waterfront that has some of the spiniest rides around.  A little tea-cup thin that you stuff your ass into spins you like mad. I swear, it’s a perpetual motion spinning device that’ll fuck you up.  They even had a merry-go-round.  It was killer.

This is how all the houses in Port Orchard look.  It’s rad:

I drove back to Seattle and hit the sack.  I wanna extend a HUGE thanks to my sister-in-law, Heidi and my nephew Mars for their hospitality.  They’ve been hosting me for several days as I rampage across the PNW.  And their help has been invaluable.  Thanks!

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Here’s some press for our upcoming SF stop: