Badass Film Tour – Day 5: Denver to Park City

Day 5: July 18, 2010

1:39 PM
Ate some sweet homemade peppermint ice cream and said goodbye to Choppie.  She is nice as can be. Thanks Denver, see ya next time.

9:55 PM
Drone, er, drove eight and a half hours to Park City.  There were some cool scenic views for a bit, but then a long stretch of Wyoming that felt like driving through purgatory.

11:25 PM
Met up with my pal Tyler Measom.  He has a friend with a HUGE house in Park City.  His pal doesn’t use the house much, cuz he’s rich as fuck and has houses all over the place.  So we all get to crash in this big-ass mansion. Check out my room:

12:01 AM
Holy Shit, I’ve been to Wyoming… The drive through was pretty nice, I guess. Definitely something new, but got a bit repetitive. Once we got to Park City, Utah, we were immediately hobnobbing with the bigwigs. Bob’s filmmaker friend, Tyler hooked us up in this badass lodge-like resort house on the side of a mountain that we stayed the night in. I got to sleep in the moose-themed bedroom.

2:22 AM
It was good catching up with Tyler.  His badass documentary about exiled boys from the fundamental Mormon community, “Sons of Perdition” got picked up for distribution.  It’s all a secret right now, but it should be a big deal for Tyler and his flick.

Press for SLC screening:

Help us spread the word!!! We have more screenings coming up and could use your help w/ promo:

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  1. You guys look so happy! The road seems to agree with y’all. And, Chad….Moose Room–SCORE.

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