Badass Film Tour – Day 31: Egyptian in L.A.

August 13, 2010

6:19 PM

We finally caught up with Doc and Hawk and their little girl, Johnnie Mae and they have a video hello to everyone back in Austin:

8:45 PM

We’re down at the Egyptian Theater for tonight’s screening.  I met up with my old film pals Kimberly Browning and Andrew Crane.  Also, Kasey Bomber, Tawdry Tempest and Axels of Evil from the L.A. Derby Dolls came out to raise hell with us.  I’m not sure what to expect from tonight’s screening.  The Egyptian is an old-ass theater and has a ton of history, pomp and circumstance and shit. It’s kind of a feather in our hat just to screen here.  So, that’s fucking cool.

The Feel Good Film Festival is also screening here tonight.  We walked their red carped and got some pics with the paparazzi.

9:03 PM

We were eventually joined by my friend Will [last  name redacted] who came in from San Diego on leave from The Navy. He received a hero’s welcome during the introduction, and it was well deserved:


Well, the last screening in L.A. was as good as the others, but the audience’s reaction to me in particular was starkly different than the reaction last night in Echo Park. I think it’s a testament to Bob’s versatility as a filmmaker, because both strangers and friends of mine alike are divided on whether or not Total Badass is a funny or sad movie. Very few people see it as both. The questions in the Q and A tonight were shit like “Were you afraid at any point that he was going to die, and what was your responsibility as a filmmaker regarding this?” I could tell by Doc and Hawk’s questions that they liked the movie, but thought it made me look bad. Will straight up wanted to fight Bob after the movie, and threatened him several times during the Q&A. Then, he smoked a cigarette right in the theatre and tried to piss in the orchestra pit. Things only got worse form there:

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the people whom I begged for money before leaving town. These include John from Elysium/Valhalla, Jason from Jackalope/Chupacabra, Nordstrom from Club Deville, Steve From Headhunters and Dave from Trophy’s. I didn’t actually get any ad money from Dave, I just sort of took 50 bucks off of the 250 that I owe him. That’s right, I took money from a dying man. Also, I got some help from my friends at Affordable Sound and my sister gave me a hundred bucks, re-establishing the inter-family pecking order more to her liking. Talk to y’all soon. CHAD

12:12 AM

It turns out that the Egyptian screening was pretty badass as well.  Fuck.  I’m liking L.A. We went out and partied with Bomber and Tawdry.  Fun.

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